Granduc Camp

Wastewater treatment for a 50+ person capacity, remote mountain camp




Castle Resources Inc.



40 km N of Stewart BC



To provide a wastewater treatment solution for an approximately 50 person tunnel rehabilitation camp. The site was remote, located on the waste rock from a past mining project and experienced extreme mountain weather. The proponent wished to acquire a reliable system quickly, which could be reused at another camp site in the future and met the Ministry of Environment requirements.


Scope of Services:

Bulkley Valley Engineering Services Ltd. undertook design and permitting services as well as engineering support during construction and commissioning. Wildernest Systems Inc. supplied, transported, commissioned, and provides support and monitoring for the installed system.



A wastewater treatment system was designed and installed which included a single 21 ft. long treatment unit (AX-Max manufactured by ORENCO) and a lift station. Raw sewage was collected from the campsite, treated, disinfected, and discharged to an adjacent water course. Delivery presented a particular challenge for this project because the single road to Stewart was closed due to damage caused by flooding. Instead, the unit was delivered from the ORENCO factory in Oregon to Prince Rupert by transport truck, then by barge to Stewart, and then by pick-up truck and trailer to Granduc Camp. A tracked excavator lifted and placed the unit in its final location. The treatment system ran successfully through its first winter with extremely cold temperatures and even with a skeleton crew of staff.

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Granduc Camp

Wastewater treatment for a 50+ person capacity, remote mountain camp

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