Wildernest Systems Inc.

Our business supplies and services water and wastewater treatment package plants in Northern British Columbia. Self-contained water and wastewater treatments plants are a great treatment solution for camps, resorts, or small communities and are often required where soil conditions, regulations, or remoteness limit other treatment options.  Wastewater treated by the package plants we sell achieves a water quality standard high enough to be discharged directly into the environment in many cases while still meeting regulatory requirements.  These package treatment plants are robust and reliable, merging water treatment technologies developed by the Romans with 21st century materials and innovations like lightweight insulated construction, UV disinfection and satellite communication. 


Treatment solutions for camps & resorts

Water and wastewater treatment for mining, exploration, logging, or fishing and hunting camps as well as year round and seasonal resorts can be difficult due to the remote location, soil or site conditions, or the short duration that makes constructing an in-ground treatment system a poor investment.  Treatment package plants solve many of these issues by providing all of the water treatment in a self-contained unit that can be transported by truck, barge, or helicopter to the camp location. Treatment package plants are also a smart investment for many businesses because they can be relocated to a new camp location.

Wildernest Systems Inc. is one the first businesses in Northern BC supplying and servicing package treatment plants to remote camps and has successfully installed and serviced wastewater treatment plants in extreme locations such as mountainous terrain (Granduc Camp project) and remote camps with helicopter access only.  But even easily accessible campsites within a municipality could benefit from our package treatment plants. Package treatment plants can provide water treatment to meet the camp life needs of as little as five to as many as thousands of people. With our expertise, your camp can go from site assessment to the first flush of a toilet into a treatment system in 8 to 12 weeks.


Treatment solutions for communities

Remote camps are not the only situation where package treatment plants are an advantage. Many small communities could benefit from the high quality, reliable, self-contained water treatment that package treatment plants provide. Small communities or rural neighbourhoods with soils that are unsuitable for traditional wastewater treatment can turn to Wildernest Systems Inc. for wastewater treatment that will preserve the environment they live in while allowing development and growth.



Strategic partnerships between Wildernest Systems Inc., Bulkley Valley Engineering Services Ltd., ORENCO Systems Inc., and installation experts work for you to supply the best products quickly to camps, resorts, communities, and homes in need of water and wastewater treatment.